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    Please Keep The Tape Rolling

    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    The Big Douche Theory

    This is the last song. Or post. Either way, I've moved to a new server.

    The new black.

    It's been a wonderful year and a half, but sometimes you just have to let things go. Blogspot is one of them. I still mean it, I'm still coming clean.

    FTR: 27 is still the new crazy. I don't care who you are or how we know each other, I will not talk to you while you're 27.

    Sunday, August 16, 2009


    The rain is finally clearing. I like being home alone with no expectations. I'm doing laundry and watching Gilmore Girls. Until Wednesday, these cracked bricks are mine.
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    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    It's been a while. Maybe it just feels like a while. I don't know anymore.

    This last week has been so weird, weather-wise. Because of that, it kind of feels like june. For whatever reason, Davis got in touch with me and now we're having a smokebreak tonight. I want to pick his brain about Batman.
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    Thursday, August 6, 2009

    This year? My year.

    I spoke with Mitchell last night and told him to get on updating his blog. I think he should also make Jeremy blog while he's living in France. Talking to Mitchell always gives me such a renewed sense of purpose in life. Is that weird?

    I started Oryx and Crake yesterday. I'm liking it so far.

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    The Internet

    Today my office was without phones and internet. I'm actually amazing at how productive I was without either of those. And it frustrated me when people interrupted my groove.

    Now I'm just hungry, though.
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    Friday, July 31, 2009

    I am Melinda's questionable morals.

    I always thought when Blink 182 got back together and I saw them, I'd turn my nose up at them if I thought they were only in it for the money. I'm not sure if it's good that I didn't.

    Sometimes, when you want something so badly and you get it, you can't feel anything but gratitude. There's no anger, no hurt. I went to say goodbye, and I did. I just didn't expect the goodbye to be to my hurt. It's better this way.

    Just remember, Blink, a puppy will always love a master that has hurt it but it will always flinch when the master raises their hand.
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    Thursday, July 30, 2009


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    Do you hear what I hear?

    What's that? Could it be? Could it really, really be that today is the day? Is it really July 30, 2009? I remember months and months ago thinking "Pah, today will never come. I'll endlessly be stuck in a loop of July 29, 2009. It'll be Groundhog Day, but better because I'm not Bill Murray.

    Why, you ask, was I looking forward to today with such enthusiasm? Why today is the day I see Blink 182. Fuck the teddy bears and their picnic. This is where I want to be. I have flasks a-plenty and an open mind.

    I've listened to the new Panic! song and the only The Young Veins song. I have to say, I'm not overly wowed by either one of them. They're like drinking straight Triple Sec to get drunk. It's not awful and it's still booze.

    Everyone should go to Emails from Crazy People for a good laugh about how far the human race has fallen. Yes, it is an issues.

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    I really miss Vancouver right about now. I'll make it back there, I swear.

    Sunday, July 26, 2009

    The Ring!!!!

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